St. Therese's Church


5 Adams Lane
Newcomb, NY 12852
fax 518-582-5483


A Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Ogdensburg


History of St. Therese's Church

St. Therese's Church was built in the mining community of Tahawus, in 1949, under the direction of Rev. Henry Wilcott. Originally, it was a mission church of St. Henry's Long Lake.

St. Therese was made a parish by Bishop Brian J. Mc Entegart in 1953, and was was assigned the mission church of St. John's, which was located in the Town of Newcomb, near the entrance to the Santanoni Preserve. The St. John's Church still stands on this site but is privately owned.

Father Bernard Desnoyer was appointed the first pastor of St. Therese Parish. Under his direction and the many volunteers from St. John's and St. Therese's church, the rectory was constructed. This new parish served the churches of both Newcomb and Tahawus until 1963.

In 1963, the entire town of Tahawus was transplanted to the eastern end of Newcomb by The National Lead Corp. In one of the Adirondack's more interesting stories, the church building and rectory were moved from Tahawus to its present location, a neighborhood known as Winebrook Since the larger church of St. Therese was able to accommodate the faithful of both churches, St. John's was closed in December 1963.

Since its founding, St. Therese has been an active worshiping community. It participates in the spiratual, corporal and ecumenical life of Newcomb and witnesses to a living Christian faith.


  • Bernard Desnoyer
  • Albert Giroux
  • Normand Cote
  • Anthony Pease
  • Peter Helfrich
  • Robert Decker
  • Scott Fobare
  • Thomas Kornmeyer
  • Peter Berg


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